Reinvent window shopping

Just because your doors are closed doesn’t mean window shopping can’t be open for business.

As spring approaches, shoppers are itching to get their gloved hands on new clothes and goods. Individuals taking strolls in the nicer weather pass closed-down stores—and local wine shop All Together Now is capitalizing on this by taking window shopping to a whole new level. Customers can simply pick out which wine appeals to them by gazing at the front window display and buy bottles directly from the window at a safe distance.

Clothing stores have begun to optimize their displays specifically for window shopping, showcasing new lines and highlighting products with simple overhead lighting.  Be sure to accompany your window display with signs that clearly inform a passersby on how to order and to text or call with questions regarding purchasing. As a nod to the times, some have even placed face masks on the mannequins. 

Have an idea of how to help a small business, use #SavetheSmalls and send it our way.

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